Saraki behind the emergence of riff-raff reformed APC- Senator Adamu

Saraki behind the emergence of riff-raff reformed APC- Senator Adamu

Chidi Samuel|

Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has said that it appears that Senate president, Bukola Saraki is the brain behind emergence of the “reformed” All Progressives Congress (R-APC ), a group he called 419ners.

The senator representing Nasarawa west senatorial district in the national assembly made the claim while speaking with reporters at the APC headquarters in Abuja.

According to Adamu, Saraki has more than any other member of the nPDP from the ruling party but that he said, has not stopped him (Saraki) from being disloyal to APC.

Adamu said, “He (Saraki) has benefited more than any single new PDP person and he seems to be the arrow head of this resistance of betrayal.”

“I told you that the nPDP is fake. I told you these are the people who have got felony that they are hiding from and that want to use their positions in the party and national assembly as a veil to hide from the felonies they have committed.

“And the whole thing they are fighting for is not for service to Nigeria but service to their interests. I did tell you that they are staying in APC to cause more maximum possible damage. I made that clear here. I have been proven right. I told you about the noise that they are talking about that they wanted to stay and work with the family of APC but they are just trying to create the type of impression that they had a raw deal.”

“The issue of threat doesn’t arise. I don’t feel it in my body. I have been in politics, if I am modest, may at least be forty years. I have contested elections and never lost”, Adamu continued in answer to whether breakaway group will impact negatively on the electoral fortunes of APC.

“I have operated at the local government level; I have operated at national assembly level; I have been governor in this country; I have been secretary of the board of trustees of PDP and I am a second term senator today. I have seen enough in Nigeria’s politics far and from what I have seen the indicators are we are dealing with 419ners, I call them 419ners; I don’t hide it.

“How many of them can go to their constituency? I don’t call them Abuja politicians because they don’t deserve that accolade. These are just 419. These are guys who go from place to place. The truth is that if Saraki and the rest of them genuinely feel aggrieved and want to go, out let them go out there.

“Three weeks after the convention, we are hearing that some riff-raff have formed something called RAPC.”

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