11 different types of orgasm and how you can have each (2)

From clitoral Os to nipple climaxes to some even we have never heard of (but can’t wait to try out), here are the concluding part of all the kinds of orgasms the female body is capable of—plus how to experience them more often.

Squirting Orgasm

Yes, female ejaculation really exists; it’s the hallmark of this type of orgasm. “Sometimes when women are sexually aroused or stimulated there is an expulsion of fluid from the glands around the urethra or anterior surface of the vagina during or before orgasm, though it’s still hotly contested where the fluid actually comes from,” says Dr. Ross. The fluid is typically clear and doesn’t resemble urine, and there can be a moderate amount released or a full-on gush.

G-spot stimulation is the type of touching that typically leads to squirting. But caressing and teasing the area surrounding the urethra has also been known to result in a soak-the-sheets climax. “No one really knows the exact number of women who experience a squirting orgasm, so with that uncertainty in mind, it was found that 10-50% of women have, at one time or another, had a ‘gushing’ moment during orgasm,” says Dr. Ross.

Cervical Orgasm

You might only think of your cervix in terms of a pelvic exam or pregnancy, but it can be a major erogenous zone as well and produce its own unique kind of orgasm, says Dr. Hall. It’s not something every woman will experience since the cervix can also be too sensitive to direct touch. But cervical stimulation is linked to strong, intense orgasms, she says.

It’s best to try a cervical orgasm when you’re super aroused and have had lots of foreplay, which can make your cervix more receptive to touch. Try having your partner use slow, deep strokes, or if his penis is too much, use fingers or a vibrator. Just don’t push it if it’s not working for you—there are plenty of other ways to experience an O.

Nipple Orgasm

You know your breasts and nipples are major erogenous zones; your nipples especially react to being touched and stroked, since they’re loaded with nerve endings and super sensitive skin. But some women really can experience a big O just by having their nipples caressed and kissed. There’s no clear consensus on how many women are able to orgasm without any below the belt contact, and researchers aren’t sure why nipple orgasms happen.

But hey, if the idea appeals to you, you could have a lot of fun trying to figure it out. With enough kissing, sucking, and caressing, “these are zones that can bring some woman to orgasm,” confirms Dr. Ross.

Excercise Orgasm/ Coregasm

Reaching climax while engaged in a tough workout may sound a little strange. But workout-induced orgasms, or coregasms, are real. A study from Indiana University found that 370 of 530 women surveyed had experienced orgasm or sexual pleasure while working out, usually from core-based exercises.

“One of the ways to induce an orgasm is to super-squeeze your PC muscles and you can develop them and make them stronger,” says Dr. Hall. “If someone has very well developed PC muscles and during exercises, they really start to contract them, I think orgasms are absolutely possible during that.” But most women will need some type of clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation to go along with that if they want to see stars as well, she adds.

Sleep Orgasm

We’ve had sensual dreams before. But this is a whole other thing. “Some women can have an orgasm during an erotic dream while sleeping,” says Dr. Ross. One report indicates that 37% of women have had one of these sleep orgasms by the time they’re 45, but it’s difficult to know how common they really are.

Sleep orgasms usually start with a sexy dream, which causes increased blood flow to the genitals as well as major relaxation, which somehow allows the body to reach orgasm while a woman isn’t even awake.

Multiple Orgasm

You can’t have too much of a good thing, right? That’s the appeal of multiple orgasms, something women can indulge in because unlike men, females don’t experience a refractory period after climaxing that requires some downtime before gearing up for round two.

“Women reach a certain heightened state of ecstasy with their first orgasm, and then can stay up there on this plateau,” says Dr. Hall. “With more and more simulation, they can have multiple orgasms.” Many women do experience this, she says, but not every woman will want to.

But if you do, here’s a strategy: keep contracting your pelvic muscles on your own (by squeezing and releasing the way you would if you were holding in your urine stream), suggests Dr. Hall. This keeps blood flow high, which increases sensitivity and makes orgasm number 2 easier to reach. If you don’t go all the way back down to the pre-arousal state, you can work your way up to another orgasm more quickly.


Source Health.com