A Disunited Country

By Kingsley Omose|

Imagine if after the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945 that it’s leaders were not held to account and that the wealth extracted from Jews formed the foundation of modern day German prosperity.

That is what is playing out in America and before a global audience, where after 400 years of slavery there continues to be refusal to account for this wickedness and evil.

And this is not even counting millions of dead Africans at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean thrown overboard during the gruelling voyages from Africa to the Americas and Caribbeans.

This is also not counting the tens of thousands of Africans who died or were lynched or killed during the over 400 years of slavery, killings which continue even today though at reduced rate.

The worst aspect of the over 400 years of what effectively is man’s inhumanity to man is the damage to the psyche of the African American community caused by the abuses of enslavement which cuts deeper than most would want to admit.

If the races in America were to be valued based on their contribution to the development of that country, the over 400 years of slavery would stand African Americans as the number one race in that country.

Sadly accounting for the centuries of slavery and making amends for this wickedness is unlikely to happen anytime soon in America because contrary positions are hardening and this will have serious implications for the American society going forward.

Kingsley Omose, a public policy analyst contributed this article from Lagos

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