Agatha Amata to step aside from Inside Out after two decades

Agatha Amata has announced her plan to step aside as the host of her popular television programme ‘Inside Out with Agatha Amata is set to step aside from hosting the famous ‘Inside Out with Agatha’ after twenty consecutive years.

Amata also plans to celebrate the show’s twentieth anniversary with the launch of a reality show called ‘The Search’. The show will run for a seven-week period, during which one of the participants will be chosen as its next presenter.

“The purpose of the reality TV show is to call on young Nigerians who are passionate about carrying on with the legacy of the program.”

“I am not concerned if the next person to take the presenter role is either male or female, but the perfect feet to be someone who is passionate about people (in line with the vision of the program: Touching Lives, Changing Society).

“As Inside Out celebrates her 20th anniversary, we are excited at the development we have recorded so far and we use this opportunity to appreciate everyone, including corporate bodies who have contributed to the success of our program,” Amata said.

An audition will take place on May 22 to select contestants for ‘The Search’ reality show.

Amata’s farewell recording as host of show, “Nigeria Beyond Oil: The Future,” will take place on August 4.