Amaechi says he’s not corrupt because he doesn’t like money

Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, says there is no truth to the widespread rumour that he is corrupt as he simply does not like money.

In an interview on Channels TV on Sunday, Amaechi said he is one of the few honest Nigerians left and said it is impossible for him to be corrupt as he does not like money.

He, however, said that he should be credited for helping Nigeria fight corruption, particularly from the last administration.

“Is my honesty in doubt?” Amaechi asked.

“I have told Nigerians and I repeat today that I am not corrupt and that I don’t like money. I am not one swayed by money.

“I have lived a character that most Nigerians can tell you.

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“I try as much as possible not to annoy God by saying I am honest but with all modesty, I am an honest Nigerian, and there are very few honest Nigerians.

“Ask yourself one question, if I was corrupt, why didn’t President Goodluck Jonathan prosecute me? The fight between Goodluck and myself lasted for two years?”

Amaechi also denied claims that his immunity as a governor was the reason he was not prosecuted, alluding to the former governor of Adamawa as a reason immunity does not necessarily work.

“For Christ’s sake, Adamawa governor had immunity and they removed him. They went after the innocent man for nothing.”

“I believe that Nigerians owe me a lot because we saved this country from that level of corruption.”

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Amaechi also denied allegations that he was the moneybag behind President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2015 election campaign.

“Do you have evidence that I funded the election? Leading the campaign does not mean you funded the election,” Amaechi said.

“You need to ask the the Buhari campaign organisation. There were contributions from everywhere.

“You didn’t see the woman that had to work to give Buhari her last savings?”

Amaechi, however, said that despite the failing health of the president, he would throw his support behind him if he chooses to run for the 2019 presidential polls for the reason that Buhari has been fulfilling his campaign promises.