Anxiety as Babcock University Website hacked again

Our reporter/ The management of Babcock University, Ilisan Remo has raised alarm over hacking of its Information Management System (UMIS) account on Tuesday.

The hackers were said to have posted unwarranted and unsolicited digital communication on the university site.

But in a statement, the university’s director of communications, Dr Joshua Suleiman, said that its ICT experts had since retrieved the account and shut the door against these intruders.

Dr Suleiman on Wednesday evening disclosed that though the university had gotten back its account but members of the public should help keep an eye out for anything suspicious and strange and report same to the school authority without wasting any time

“Our UMIS account was hacked, and unwarranted and unsolicited digital communication posted on it, the statement reads.

“We never voluntarily, either by omission or commission, sent out such information to anyone, so we are sorry if it made a wrong impression. Rest assured, we have secured our network already.

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“We have always recognised that constant vigilance is required to protect against intrusions because of our understanding that even the most diligent cybersecurity efforts have not been able to address all cyber risks that organisations face. This is why, unfortunately, malicious attacks and intrusion efforts are continuous and evolving, and in certain cases, they have been successful at the most robust institutions.

“We remain committed to our godly values, and we will neither fail nor falter in this regard. Please keep an eye out for anything suspicious, and ‌let us know if you continue getting any strange messages.

Rest assured, we have secured our network already”, the statement concluded.

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