The day is coming when almajiris in the north and area boys in the south will unite to revolt- Bakare

The day is coming when almajiris in the north and area boys in the south will unite to revolt- Bakare

The serving overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and former running mate of President Buhari in the 2011 presidential election has said that he is praying that President Muhammadu Buhari appoints the best, brightest and fittest people for his second term in office.

Bakare, who spoke while appearinng on Channels Television programme, said the country has so much asset, which can be employed for the development of the nation.

The outspoken preacher of the Word also warned that the day is coming when the almajiris of the north and area boys of the south will come together to revolt against the rich.

Bakare said, “It is in our corporate interest to ensure that there is a future for our young people and for the children, to ensure good healthcare delivery, to ensure transportation system that is flawless; there is so much asset in this country.

“I pray that President Buhari will do his best in the second term to appoint the best, the brightest and the fittest, so that you will see Nigeria turn around as we maximise the potentials of the nation.”

Bakare called out the need to create jobs for teeming Nigerian youths in a bid to steer them away from crime, stating that the country is facing a scourge of insecurity as a result of unemployment.

“We are being invaded from outside and from within, what do you think will happen to millions of jobless youths who have no way of providing for themselves? Crime would be the next option.”

“Your being insecure can become a threat to my security. I don’t want to be a rich man in a secured island of prosperity in the midst of quicksand of poverty, because those children we do not train, and we do not equip will rise to fight.

“Almajiris will rise to fight, area boys will rise to fight; once the Almajiris in the north and the area boys in the south join hands together, we are not safe.”

“So we need to create jobs, and more job, and more jobs, we have neglected the greatest asset of any nation — human capital. Our education sector has gone down the drain, we need to revive all that.

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