Air peace boss, Allen Onyema loses Dad

Air peace boss, Allen Onyema loses Dad

The Chairman/CEO of Air Peace Airlines, Chief (Barrister) Allen Onyema, has announced with grief, but in total submission to the will of God the transition to glory of his father, Chief Michael Onyema( Ichie Onyebuchi).

The late chief Onyema hails from Mbosi in Ihiala local government area of Anambra State.

In a statement by chief Allen Onyema announcing the call to glory of the late titled chief and patriarch of the Onyema family, the Air Peace Boss, said the family is consoled by the impactful, salutary and eventful life their father lived.

The statement read, ”eventhough we are grief-stricken, we are nontheless consoled by the impactful, salutary and eventful our father lived”.

”Death has in no way obliterated Chief Michael Onyema’s bold prints on the sands of time for his ideas and values live on, for according to Sri Chinmony, “death is not the end…death is the road,life is the traveller.The soul is the guide”

”Transition from immortality to mortality awaits every being.My father’s turn has come, thus giving filip to John Dryden’s famous lines: “All human things are subject to decay and when death summons, monarchs must obey”.Ichie Onyebuchi was a great man who has answered a great call from the greatest Man, the Almighty God.We loved him but God loves him more hence he recalled him home”.

The public will be kept abreast of his funeral rites.

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