Abboh appears before senate committee, clashes with Oluremi Tinubu

Abboh appears before senate committee, clashes with Oluremi Tinubu

Ebun Francis|

The Bornu state senator, Elisha Ishaku Abbo who was caught on camera assaulting a woman at an adult sex toy shop in Abuja, earlier this year on Tuesday appeared before the committee set up by the Senate to investigate the incident.

The probe however, took off on a rocky start following the refusal of the freshman senator from Adamawa state to follow the rule that normally preceeds such hearing.

Persons invited before Senate committees are normally sworn to an oath pledging to say the truth before commencement of procceding.

But on Tuesday, refused to take an oath before the panel and insisted not to speak in the presence of newsmen.

“This matter is in court. I cannot be talking in front of cameras when the matter is already in court. That’s subjudice,” he said.

This did not go down well with members of the committee who exchanged words with Abboh.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu who is a member of the panel was particularly not impressed with Abboh’s behaviour and did not minced words in saying so.

She was displeased that the embattled senator was trying to ‘undermine’ the committee, stating that he could have stopped the panel if he felt it was going against its mandate.

She said, “Distinguished. You just joined us. We have a procedure and we are also under law. You don’t come in here and dictate to us what should be done.”

“You are on the other side now. You don’t tell us what to do…because we can suspend you.”

To the above, Abbo retorted, “I will not sit here and listen to you threaten me with suspension. I am a senator like you. You cannot threaten me with suspension.”

She, thereafter, asked him, “Do you want us to protect you, or do you want us to defend you, or you want to be on your own?”

Senator Abbo raised concern over the threat to suspend him and vowed to resist any attempt of such.

Senator Tinubu, in a swift response, told Adamawa Senator that nobody has issued any threat against him.