Aregbesola set for the Local government election in Osun

Laoye Sesan || There were strong indications that the Local government election, which has been one of the sins of Governor Rauf, Aregbesola of Osun State, would now be held latest January 2018, which would be barely six months to the end of his tenure in the state.

Since the Governor came into office, he has been postponing the holding the Local government election. The new date, according to sources would be the fifth times that he would propose holding it without fulfilling his promises.

Right now the people of the state, are still skeptical because, of his actions in the past, which had made the aspirants spend money and other resources for the election which eventually would not hold.

In Osu state, there is look warm attitude toward his new date and people are not enthusiastic about the election anymore for fear of being disappointed and with the meager resources available at the disposal of the people no one wants to spend or waste money and time for on an unprofitable venture. Some of the people who spoke with our correspondent believed that Governor Aregbesola should not be taken for his words until he rolls out all machinery for the conduct of the election.

Alhaji Lukman Busari in Ede North  said that right now people still regard the announcement of the governor as a joke because ‘’we cannot just start spending money as we are all aware that elections in this country deserve spending’’

Another person Mrs. Ireti Omoluwabi, in Egbedore Local government of the state, argued that she was interested in the government election but from what they have experienced in the past, we just have to wait to know that the governor is serious about it before we start mobilization of the people and resources. “Because of the governors earlier disappointment, some of the people have been indebted and such people even if they are still keen in contesting, would want to be very careful so that they would not be plunged into another crisis.’’

The refusal of the Governor to conduct the local government election has been one of the major issues he is having with the people of the state. It has become a strong issue which has also turned the people in his All Progressives Party against him. It has caused so much trouble that; some of the leaders of the party according to sources have refused to hold meetings with him.

The fresh crisis which may, however, ensure In APC now is the issue of imposition, as members fear that the governor may like to impose candidates for the election which may not go down well with the people.

This it was gathered, Could lead to the exodus of aggrieved members whom we gathered have been tolerating him and who were probably waiting for something to hold on to before they move to other political parties where their interests would be protected.

Another issue in contention is the fear that the ruling party, the APC headed by governor Aregbesola may want to rig the election to have the majority, and this according to the opposition would be rejected.

The notion, therefore, is that the election may be volatile as the opposition especially the PDP which wants to warm itself back to reckoning in Osun would want to meet force with force. Osun state right from time has been known to be a volatile state when it comes to an election and this may not be different.

This has b3wen so because there are so many powerful interests groups and personalities, who are always willing to test their might and popularity with elections. The PDP has said that they suspected a foul play in the timing of the election wondering why the government decided to conduct the election just a few months to its exit from power.

It was further argued that the governor has not done anything so far to convince them that he is serious about the conduct of the election.

It was learnt that all the political parties have decided to gang up against the ruling party to forestall any action that would not serve the interest of the people and their parties, which would not give room to levy playing ground.

One of the APC leaders in Osun State told our correspondent that, people in the party to have not known the modalities that the election would take. ‘’Our fear is that, the election could be like what happened in Ekiti State, when  Dr. Kayode Fayemi Conducted the Local government election, when he was about to  end his first term, and as soon  the incumbent governor Ayodele Fayose got there from a different political party, he suspended the Chairmen and appointed his own people there. Similar thing, he said occurred in Ondo state, when Governor Rotimi Akeredolu got into office. ‘’ This is the fear by all the stakeholders of the party and even in other political parties because we don’t want our efforts to be in futility. You can imagine what would happen and the frustration that would set in if that happens’’

The Osun State Commissioner for Local Government Waheed Saka Kolapo Adio has assured that the election would hold latest by January 2018. He said that the state government is putting the arrangement in place to ensure that the election is properly conducted. He also gave the assurance that there would be level playing ground and that all political parties would be allowed to take part.

The government he said would do everything possible to allow hitch free election despite the insinuations by the opposition parties.

In his own reaction, the Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State, Hon. Bola Ajao has said that, although the pronouncement by the government of Ogbeni Aregbesola was a welcome development, no one is sure yet whether he is serious or not. ‘’He has said this several times and his word has turned to be a deceit to the people and other political parties.’’

He pointed out that they are going to watch the situation to know the modalities that would be adopted until then before the party would come out with full reaction on the election. ‘’What however we are not going to allow is for the APC government to influence the electoral body and want to rig the election. Every action and intent to manipulate the processes of the conduct of the election from any quarters would be resisted’’
However while reacting to the argument of the opposition, the Osun State All Progressives Congress Director of publicity, Barrister Kunle Oyatomi said that the APC government in the state is committed to the development of the people. He argued that the opposition are just ranting and saw no reason why they should now condemn the action of the government to hold the local government election.

According to him, they are the ones grumbling that the government fails to hold the local government election and now that it has been decided that it would hold, they are still grumbling, saying that all the political party should expect a level playing ground. ‘’AS far as the APC is concerned we are ready and we have been sensitizing the people and our members on what is expected of them. What I expect other political parties to do right now, that the green light on when the election would hold has been given, is for them to start working. They would not work for the election and when the party that worked very hard becomes victorious they would say the election was rigged.’’