Biafra security services set up to protect Igbos from Fulani herdsmen – IPOB

Chidi Samuel || The Biafra Separatist group IPOB said it set up Biafra Security Service, BSS to protect Biafran villages from the menace of Fulani herdsmen.

In a press release by Mr. Emma Powerful, IPOB’s publicity director, the group said the existence of the Biafra security outfit was not negotiable.

He said, “IPOB will not be in contest with anybody or group about the formation of the BSS. Biafra Security Service is a security outfit only designed to protect Biafran villages from Fulani herdsmen attack. It is not in competition with the police and will not perform any duties outside safeguarding returnees from the North and checkmating Fulani herdsmen attack.

“It’s like any other vigilante group but this has a national colouration in that protection is Biafra-wide. There is nothing treasonable about protecting our farms and villages from Fulani herdsmen. People should stop turning English language upside down.”

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Powerful said there was nothing treasonable about exercising the right to self-determination and securing lives and properties.

“In Arewa North, there are Hisbah, Sharia Police and other forms of Islamic security.

“Why can’t Biafrans have their own security to protect innocent mothers and our women from being raped and killed by Fulani herdsmen?”

The setting up of the BSS by IPOB has come under increased attacks by concerned Nigerians who view the setting up of the organization as treasonable.