Black Axe mafia gang suspects arrested in police raids across Italy

Ebun Francis with agency reports

The Italian anti- mafia squad in the city of Parlemo have arrested more than 20 alleged members of the of the Black Axe,the notorious Nigerian mafia gang during raids in Italy. The breakthrough for the for the anti crime agency came after a member of the dreaded gang who turned informer revealed the inner workings of the gang, including identities and whereabouts of its key leaders.

One of those arrested in the raid include the head of the Italian operation in Padua, this is in addition to earlier arrests in Torino and Milan. They arrested members are  being detained for alleged involvement in criminal activities, ranging from prostitution, drug dealing and human trafficking.

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The rise of the Black Axe,a criminal gang which originated in the mid- western states of Nigeria has been linked to the wave of migrants making the crossing from North Africa.The group it is believed has forged a relationship with the Italian Mafia, the Cosa Nostra.

According to the authorities, the Italian gangsters import drugs, which are then distributed by the Nigerians.