Buhari jabs ResumOResign protesters in London; ” i hope they are not stuck there”

President Muhammed Buhari was at his humourist best on Friday at the meeting with the leadership of the two political parties and state governors when he took aim at the resign or resume protesters who were at the Nigeria Gouse London to protest the President’s prolonged medical vacation.

President Buhari told his visitors that he hopes the protesters are not stuck in London.

The President wondered if those who are “stuck there with Brexit” have weighed the implications it as regards to ownership of properties and payment of tax.

According to him,  if those Nigerians eventually sell off their property in the UK, they should bring it back to Nigeria because “we need it very badly here.”

He said, “In fact, some groups in London came and sang the national anthem and asked that I should go back home, indeed I have come back home.”

“I hope those who went there are not stuck there, they will form back and join us. Those that are stuck there with the Brexit I hope they have weighed the implications that it won’t affect them including those that have property there, those who are not paying tax here, I hope when they sell their properties there they will bring some of the money here. We need it very badly here.”

The President according to the Cable thanked Prof Yemi Osinbajo for effectively piloting the affairs of state in his absence.

“The efforts by the vice-president is commendable he used his intellect to run all over the place. I was seeing him 24 hours on NTA. I congratulate them and I allowed him to come and see him to thank him personally for what he has done,” he said.

“I thank you very much for the national approach in your leadership, those who are leader at political level and those who are chief executives in their respective states. I had so much time to watch television NTA 24, I heard so much information about the states.

“I am very pleased with the states, you are all doing your best and you are lucky your best is proofing to be good enough on agriculture and solid minerals. You are succeeding in agriculture because I think people cannot afford foreign food. I was told that most of the good

“The valuation of the Maria is not a making. It may not favour us but is something we cannot change. Some people were asking me if we should be more strict on the borders …but I want to thank God last year and this year is better than what it used to be.”