Some of the Chibok girls refused to return home -Negotiator

A number of the abducted Chibok girls refused to join their colleagues who were released by the terror groups last Saturday in exchange for some of their commanders, one of the negotiators involved in the process, Zanah Mustapha has revealed.

Zanah, a lawyer who was involved in the negotiation told the Reuters news agency that te girls opted to remain with insurgents.

She said, “Some girls refused to return …I have never talked to one of the girls about their reasons.,,

“As a mediator, it is not part of my mandate to force them to return home. And we are not just talking, we are still actively working towards peace.

“Even though we have got some of the girls back, I don’t feel we have made much progress. After the release of the 21 girls, how many hundreds have been killed by suicide bombings?

“While Boko Haram may indeed hold out in releasing all of the hostages to maintain some form of leverage, the reality is that the girls have limited value to the sect outside of public relations capital and are likely placing a strain on resources.”

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Fatima Akilu, a Nigerian psychologist, also told Reuters that many women and girls abducted by the Boko Haram sect identify with their captors and may not want to give up “their new lives with their militant husbands”.

“They develop Stockholm syndrome, identify with captors and want to remain,” added Akilu who has run deradicalisation programs for Boko Haram militants and women they abducted.

“Some are afraid of what to expect, the unknown. We don’t know how much influence their husbands have in coercing them not to go back.”

The 82 girls released last Saturday were the second batch to be released by insurgents, following the release of 21 of the girls last year.