Poor service delivery hobbles GTbank bank

Gtbank plc used to be the industry leader in customer services but of recent the bank has come under increased criticism from customers for gross incompetence. All efforts made to reach the relevant representative of the bank to respond to the complaints levied against the bank were not successful. We have produced below two of such complaints from our friends on facebook.

Matthew Ogagavworia

My experience with Guaranty Trust Bank PLC Internet Banking Service. At about 11.00pm, December 15, 2016, I made a transfer(Instant Payment) to a customer following the banks process for making such transfers. I got a confirmation that my transfer is successful. I immediately informed the customer of the transfer made. This morning, the customer told me he is yet to get value for the payment I made. I apologized to him and asked for patience that I review my account status.

On my review, my current balance indicated that indeed the bank had deducted the transferred made, leaving me with a balance. I called the GTBANK customer care line(0700482666328) to complain. The line is not toll-free. You pay for the amount of time, they will play music with. My call cost me N151, only to be told that, indeed my account has been debited for the transfer but the transfer was not successful since GTBANK has a system restriction that makes transfers from 10pm(Nigerian Time) to have a high probability of failure. I requested that the debit be reversed immediately so that I can get the bank first thing this morning(December 16, 2016) to make a cash withdrawals and pay the money to my customer.
The customer service staff told me that she will get across to the team that can do the reversal and that it takes up to 48hours for that to happen and that I may be lucky to have it done is less time.

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As it is, I do not have any other cash except for the money that GTBANK has held which I cannot access and thus puts me in position of one who is not honouring a commitment. It is either I am lucky to have a loan to quickly settle my obligation or be cast in the light of an reliable and trust-worthy customer and have my credit-worthiness damaged for no fault of mine. The cost can be better-imagined.

GTBank has never informed that they have restriction on their internet banking platform. I have relied on that 24/7 advert to carry out this transferred to my chagrin. I am at a loss at to what to do to come out of this problem

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I share this story because, you may be a customer of GTBANK and may not have known this “restriction” in their internet banking service from 10pm. Please make alternative payment arrangement if you know you can only do a transfer from 10pm. Be advised, unless you want to mourn service failure like myself.

May you not find yourself in this state, in Jesus Name.

Emole Onwuasoanya I had a bitter experience with them too over a transaction I did with the bank over two years now. To the extent I have refused to do anything with the bank again. As I speak, they have placed my account on a debit of over 200k for no fault of mine.