Eating cornflakes can kill your sex drive!

For any healthy person, anywhere, the last thing they wish for is a weak sex life.
Yet, experts say a person’s diet can have an impact on his sex drive!


Indeed, they say that there are some anti-aphrodisiac foods that reduce sex-drive! Many people are familiar with foods that reduce the sex drive. And they include alcohol, cheese, mint and soy.
But a surprising food in this ‘sex killer category’ that has found itself on our breakfast table is cornflakes!
Historically, cornflakes was developed by Seventh-Day Adventists, including Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, and it was allegedly intended as part of a bland diet that would lower people’s sex drives.


It was allegedly invented as part of an anti-masturbation crusade. And because it is sugarless, non-spicy and bland, it was thought that it could lower one’s sexual desires.
Nutritionists however say it’s rather hard to judge whether a certain food item will lower your libido.
You may therefore avoid cornflakes for a while, to enable you assess the side effects of your pre- and post-cornflakes binge.