Igbo will go to war if attacked – Orji Kalu

Orji Uzor Kalu, the controversial former governor of Abia State, on Tuesday, said that the Igbo will go war in response to any act of violence perpetrated against them in any part of the country.

Kalu’s warning is coming on the heels of the recent quit notice given to the Igbo in the northern part of the country by the Arewa Youth Forum and the tension it has generated.

The former governor currently undergoing trial at a Lagos High Court for alleged corruption and abuse of office as governor of Abia state made the comment when he appeared on Africa Television Authority, AIT.

Kalu who called the promoters of the Arewa Youth Forum, “unserious northerners”, however, said, “Anybody that touches any Igbo man in terms of (saying) that we should quit; the country will go into war, and I will lead the war; if Igbos are touched”.

He continued: “Nobody can touch Igbos because this is our country. If anybody kills any of our brothers, we will go and fight back. We will not take it lightly that anybody kills any of us and then you will tell us to go and take it lightly again; no! We will not take that,” said Mr. Kalu.

“The quit notice means nothing; I know when northerners speak, I will see their hand when they speak, I was trained by them so I know when they are serious.

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“No reasonable northern elder will do that; did Adamu Ciroma say so? Did Babangida say so? Did President Abdulsalam say so? Will Aliko support that? Only people who are looking for cheap popularity.”

“It’s just like you seeing me struggling for the secession of the country you will know that my heads have gone nuts. The unity of the country is not negotiable.”

“When you say northern elders, I don’t know whether Sultan, Emir of Kano and his likes are asking us to quit. If all these people come out and say we should quit; we will quit. We are not afraid of quitting. But Nigerian unity is more important,” Mr. Kalu said.

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Kalu noted that Nigeria’s religious and community leaders have a huge responsibility to inculcate the culture of nation building among Nigerians.

“The hatred is too much. I think the best way is to get religious leaders to start preaching peace. You cannot imagine that if something happens in Pakistan; they will go and kill Igbo or kill someone from the south. That is not right.”

“The meeting the Acting President was calling only Igbo and Hausa people is not the right thing to do, he should invite all the six geo-political zones because the problem is everywhere,” he said.