Igbos cannot be intimidated, United Eastern Congress warns

Everest Ezihe || Following the recent provocative statements by 20 Northern groups under the auspices of Arewa Consultative Congress given Igbos residing in Northern region of the country ultimatum to leave the geographical area on or before October 1st this year or face their wrath, United Eastern Congress has told the Northern group that they have no constitutional right to intimidate Igbos in Nigeria.
Comrade Sam Ike, the Leader of the United Eastern Congress said this in Owerri on Thursday while briefing newsmen on the threat by Arewa Groups to Igbos.
According to Comrade Ike, the leader of the ethnic group Sociocultural Organization “We Igbos are not afraid of any challenges, my group is prepared for the Arewa’s threat, never again should any Igbo man suffer unduly in the hands of Hausa/Fulani men. Igbos are principal partners in this country and therefore can never be intimidated in their own Country” he noted.
He stated equivocally that though his group believes in non-violence approach to issues but they are prepared to throw the status quo to the wind and march the Arewa’s in whatever ramification they want it.
The Leader pointed out that by the statement of the Northern groups, it is a confirmation that the Civil War has not ended but what was achieved in 1970 was a mere seized fire and enjoined the Arewas not to allow Igbos recall the betrayals, pogrom, genocide, and hunger they suffered during the Civil War.
Ike noted that the October 1st deadline given to Igbos is very far that the ethnic group is ever ready to leave the Northern region any time, any moment and that will be to the detriment of their host as justified by the last sit-at-home directive dismay.
He also expressed that instead of the Arewa’s preaching for peace, unity, and patriotism, they are busy fanning the embers of war and more annoying is in the face of al the atrocities they committed against the Igbo race.
According to the leader of the Socio-cultural group “the Hausa/Fulani under the umbrella of Arewa Consultative Forum should be mindful of the facts that all the atrocities they committed against the ethnic nationality are scars in their memories like the brutal killing of Comrade Ken Saro-Wiwa, even though United Eastern Congress believes in non-violence, we can never again fold our hands seeing our kinsmen being slaughtered like Sallah rams. Never again will we tolerate this” he fumed.
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