IPOB launches Hausa service

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has launched “Radio Nigeria Hausa service”.

IPOB made the announcement on Thurday via a statement issued by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful.

The group noted that the Hausa Service was created to communicate ideologies of liberation to “oppressed indigenous northerners”.

IPOB stated that it would begin broadcast of the Hausa Service on Saturday, January 6 at 7PM Nigerian time.

“The broadcast will have the widest coverage of any radio signal in Africa,” the statement noted.

“It will be received all over West, East and Southern Africa. Every Hausa speaking community in Africa will be able to receive it.

“In our opinion, we feel it has become imperative to educate the poor masses of northern Nigeria. The ruling class cleverly enslaved and impoverished ethnic populations of the north by keeping vital information and knowledge away from them.

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“This information deficit is what Radio Nigeria Hausa Service has come to remedy.”

IPOB noted that its mission is to ensure that Radio Biafra is perceived as unselfish in its liberation movement as opposed to the wrong perception that it was out only to help liberate people of Biafran association.

“Regardless of ethnicity, religion or creed, IPOB is pursuing an agenda of freedom for all,” he said.

“Our message is very simple, 2018 will be like no other in the history of Nigeria and will prove to be the year of liberation for those brave enough to confront the evil that Nigeria has become in the lives of millions of people.”

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It added that those “deluding themselves” with the notion that IPOB has been weakened because of the absence of Nnamdi Kanu, its leader, “are in for an almighty shock”.

“This move today is the beginning of a mass revolution against our oppressors that will spread outside the borders of Biafraland.

“Every Hausa speaking northerner is advised to tune into 15110 KHz every night at 7PM, starting from this Saturday 6 January 2018, to be educated in order to be liberated.”