MMM is a divine arrangement, it will not fail- Mbanefo

Chidi Samuel

Pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo, has once again denied ownership MMM Nigeria, insisting that he is only a participant who has invested N3 million in the scheme like so many other Nigerians. He called the ”scheme a divine arrangement”, that will not fail.

Mbanefo who described himself as a superior participant, expressed happiness that the scheme came to Nigeria, stating he is looking forward to 17th of January 2017 when the scheme is scheduled to resume operations.

“I am neither the owner nor the founder of MMM Nigeria. I do not have any contact or acquaintance with the owner(s) or Founder(s) of MMM Nigeria,” he said.

“I did not introduce MMM to Nigeria, but am glad it came. I am an ordinary participant like the over 2 million Nigerians who are participants of MMM Nigeria. I registered to join MMM Nigeria on the 2nd of June 2016.

“I registered to be a guider (knowledgeable participants), and became a guider after fulfilling the requirements of the course. I registered and own the domain which expires on the 7th of June 2019 (could be extended)”

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Pastor Mbanefo asked the media to quit attacking the scheme, which he said is a “divine arrangement” that will run till Jesus comes, if left alone.

“Let me also say this; MMM by itself and left alone will run smoothly until Jesus Christ comes, but the negative attacks by the media (irresponsible journalism) creates unnecessary bias and fear in the minds of innocent and responsible participants,” Mbanefo said.

“I make financial contributions (provide help) to the MMM Nigeria community like everyone else and accept all the benefits and risks like everyone else. On the 13th of October 2016, I provided help of N3,000,000.

“I am a proud participant of MMM Nigeria and cannot wait to continue in January 2017. Since I joined MMM Nigeria, like the over two million Nigerians who are participants, I have benefited a lot from this divine arrangement.

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“I am not moved of fazed by what the media say and how they have chosen to attack and destroy MMM Nigeria, my question is this; How possible is it that any organization, company, project or business will survive the avalanche of attacks loaded with lies that MMM in any country suffers.”