MMM Nigeria begins payment

Ebun Francis

At last, there is something to cheer for MMM partipants in Nigeria, the popular ponzi scheme in the country, has started paying outstanding mavro (money) to participants of the scheme.

Kolade Ogunwande, a participant, who manages a number of accounts,posted on his twitter handle  that N17,000 was paid into one of the accounts he manages for a friend.

“One of the accounts I manage for a friend finally got paid. She invested N20,000 on November 10, 2016, and her money has appreciated to N35,000,” twitted.

“When MMM resumed last week, she said I should withdraw all the money for her, which I requested for immediately. She was paired the day after.

“The two people she was paired with had to pay N17,000 and N18,000 to make up the N35,000, but only one person has paid,” the post continued.

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Whether this development can be sustained remains to be seen.