Naj’atu Muhammad: Tinubu has emperor mentality, “its not about the country but him”

Our reporter| Former APC presidential council campaign director, Naj’atu Muhammad, on Thursday, said Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has “an emperor mentality” and cares little about the country but himself.

Muhammad spoke when she appeared on a programme aired by Arise TV on Thursday, reiterated that she left the party because “Tinubu is incapable”.

The former senator, who recently announced her resignation from the APC, has been accused by the ruling party’s presidential campaign council of being a mole that was sacked from the party before her resignation.

While denying the accusation on Thursday, Muhammad said the APC candidate only seeks “to hold the knife that will cut the pie” and “material and psychological control of the people of the country”.

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“I left APC because Tinubu is incapable. Everything about Tinubu is about himself. When he wanted to contest, he said it is his turn. He wants to hold the knife that will cut the pie. It is not about the country but him,” she said.

“It is all about his ego and control. He is about the material and psychological control of the people of the country, particularly the south-west. I have heard him say that when he sleeps, the southwest sleeps. That is his mentality. It is like an emperor mentality.”


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