Nigerian soldier’s act of heroism

Nigerian Soldier recounts how a child was born in the heat of an impending Boko Haram attack

Nigerian soldier, Celestine Nwabueze (pictured), revealed via Social Media how he assisted a woman who gave birth in the heat of an impending attack by Boko Haram. Sharing photos of the baby, he also revealed that the woman, out of gratitude, wanted to name the child after him.

“This is where I respect women so much. This child was born at my back when those idiots wanted to attack the villagers.
Despite the fear, the mother stood still, endured the pain and with the help of the old women at the village, had a safe delivery. The woman wanted to name the child after me, but due to me being a Christian and she is not, I have to give her a name Abukar that’s in Igbo, it’s Ebuka.”

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