I am not on the run from UK, Jibrin

Ebun Francis

Abdulmumin ‎Jibrin,  has denied the allegation by a member of the Federal House of Representative and Chairman of the House committee on Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Rep. Herman Hembe, that he fled the United Kingdom to avoid being arrested by anti-graft agencies who were on his trail in the UK.

Hembe, who had been engaged in constant media battle with Jibril since the budget padding controversy began, stated,  ” having realised that even in the UK the National Crime Agency and the Financial Intelligence Unit have already profiled him and may soon open a case against him; he quietly sneaked back to Nigeria.

“His days of freedom are numbered and sooner rather than later he will face the full wrath of the law”, he said.


Reacting to Hembe’s allegations of running away from UK, Jibrin in a statement said he was in the country at the invitation of one of the anti-graft agencies.

According to him, “I returned to the country on the invitation of one of the anti graft agencies who needed additional information from me as they were finalising investigation and ready to arraign Hon. Hembe and few others.

“I visited the agency and provided what they required and signed to stand witness”

He continued, “Hon. Hembe is obviously aware of this fact and has been panicky and running helter-skelter including trying to get the Speaker to intervene and save him.

“I travelled peacefully from the Nnamdi Azikwe airport Abuja and landed at Heathrow Airport and same on my way back.

“I also enjoyed my stay in London and other part of Europe catching up with my vast international network, delivering lectures and granting interviews.

“I have responded to the lame allegations and my response are in the public glare,”the statement concluded.