Oyedepo: How two church members sowed N1bn, $1m seeds for new auditorium

By our reporter| The founder of Living Faith Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo on Sunday revealed that two members of the church sowed seeds of N1 billion and $1 million to help in building, ‘The Ark’, the church’s 100,000-seater auditorium.

Oyedepo who made the disclosure at the church’s Sunday service in Ottah, Ogun State, also said he knew there were more than 10,000 people in the Church who could build a rural church each.

Oyedepo said “Somebody said to me, “the Lord told him to put a seed of N1 billion in The Ark.” He is in this Church, he is not from America or Jamaica, he is from here; I knew where he was when he came here.

“There are some sir, they will rather die than give N1 billion. If God gives them N100 billion today, they won’t let N1 billion go. They won’t.”

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“You want another shocker? Somebody put in a million dollars to The Ark project. No announcement, no ‘let’s raise offering’…all this 10, 10 Kobo you are holding in your pocket like this, it is not the way out, but I know somebody is released right now. You are that one, let me hear your Amen.”

“I know we have more than 10,000 but how many have a heart for it?

“Hey, N14 million. No, no. I have family members. My family members are well taken care of, I am a responsible man. My mother drove a new car before she died. I’m a responsible man.”

“It doesn’t stop it, it enlarges it. Your promoting the Kingdom enlarges your coast, you are not guessing. Some will never put a dime in rural church building. One dime, even in their village, in front of their house. One dime,” he said.

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Oyedepo had earlier announced plan to build a 100,000-seater auditorium within three years that will cost the church over N160 billion.

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