Sam Allardyce maybe banned from football

The immediate past Manager of the English National team,Sam Allardyce may be banned from football following the revelations that lead to his resignation as England manager, Football Association Chief executive Martin Glenn said Saturday.

The former Sunderland boss whose job lasted only 67 days as a result of  the Daily Telegraph newspaper filmed footage of him making controversial remarks about a variety of subjects will know his fate after a full review of the transcript of the interview by FA.

The FA is awaiting the newspaper’s full transcript before deciding what action, if any, to take against the 61-year-old.

Glenn said charges could be brought against Allardyce and punishments “could range from a fine to a ban”.

“It is realistic,” Glenn said when asked if charges could follow. “I am pleased that the Telegraph are releasing (the full transcripts) to the police first because that is what has to happen.

“Once we get access to that, we have a separate integrity unit,” explained Glenn, who admitted he had felt “let down” by Allardyce.

“I have asked myself a lot about this,” he said. “The easy decision was actually to keep him and tough it out. I do feel let down because I genuinely think for football reasons he was a really good choice and just what we needed after the Euros.”