[VIDEO] I can’t cope with a man who is not good in bed –Actress

Nollywood actress, Bolatito Sowunmi, popularly known as ‘Miss Pepeye’ in the Papa Ajasco series, has said she can’t cope with a man who is not good with sex.

She made this known in an interview with broadTV where she spoke about her career, sex life, and business.

Bolatito, who got her stage name from the Nigerian comedy TV series Wale Adenuga’s ‘Papa Ajasco,’ further explained that if she loves her man enough, she will teach him sex.

She said, “Sex is very important, make I no lie to una. In marriage, sex is very important. I don’t know how two people can work out a marriage without sex, its very important.

“I don’t think I can cope with a man who is not good with sex. But if he isn’t good in bed and I love him, I will teach him what he is supposed to know; but he has to do the thing that he has to do.”

When asked what her take on pre-marital sex was, she said everyone was entitled to their perception and it is a very personal decision.

“I am not in a position to say if sex before marriage is good or not. God understands everyone He created; He knows your limitation, strength, and weaknesses.

“Your perception is just perfect for the almighty God that created you and the only person who will not judge you is God, but I will not come tell you to have sex before marriage or not.

“I will also not disclose my stand; I just hold on to what I believe and I keep my opinion personal because I have a lot of teenagers looking up to me, especially for the sake of the roles that I took in Papa Ajasco and the morals that it teaches.

“The question is very personal.”

On acting nude roles, she asserted, “No, I can’t. I am morally balanced, I can’t act nude roles without very sensible reasons.

“I can’t act a role just because I need to just feature in a movie, but because I have to speak for someone, and it is only in that regard that I can take nude roles.

“But it has to be a very emotional role, such as a maid role and if there is need for my cloth to be torn.”

See the video, courtesy BroadTV: