If your wife prefers sleep to sex, here’s why -Report

Many men can be flustered when their wives develop a headache very close to bed time!

Yet, experts are assuring that it’s a normal occurrence because mothers would rather have a good night sleep than have sex!

According to an Australian study of over 3,000 women, mums would rather have sleep than sex.

The researchers found that three mums out of 10 are too tired to get it on, while one out of four mums said they were not confident enough with their bodies to have sex after they have had a baby.

About half of the women examined in the survey said they would have sex under the cover of darkness in order to hide their less-than-perfect post-baby body.

The research further revealed that about five out of 10 respondents said their men had a higher sex drive than they did, hence their inability to meet the demands, when jostled with caring for a young child.

One out of 10 of the women found their partners so annoying and they don’t want to have sex with them!

One out of 10 mums are not having sex because their kids are always in the bed when their husbands make the demand; while one in four mums are having sex about two to three times a month.

Just a paltry 1.5 out of 10 mums that were polled confessed to having sex a surprising 10 plus times a month!

The bottom line: Do all that is possible to win your wife back to the bed after she may have had your baby!