What a woman’s favourite sex position says about her

Some people believe that women are… well… deep. That’s speaking figuratively, though. They believe that no one can correctly predict a woman. But sex experts are saying that you can actually know who your woman is through her preferred sexual position!
So, here you go…
She likes experiencing a deep connection with her partner through eye contact, lots of kissing and her ability to withstand 80kg or so of sweaty male pressing down on top of her. Of course, there’s also a chance she likes to lay motionless and letting her man do all the work.
Doggie style
Here, the man enters from the rear as she kneels on all four. She wants to experience everything he has to offer. It may also be her way of accommodating a guy who is not well-endowed below the belt! So, you can trust her with your secret!
This is a sexual position in which the woman sits astride the man. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to ask. She might also want her guy to see how well-endowed she is and why he should realise how lucky he is to be where he is at that moment.
Reverse cowgirl
This is a sexual position in which the woman faces away from her man. Depending on the curvature of the penis she is working with, this is a good way to hit that G-spot. Sure, it’s not super comfortable for the guy, but what does she care!
This is a form of cuddling in which the man embraces the woman from the back and they both fit together like spoons. A woman who enjoys this sex position likes to feel safe and secure while her man works his magic on her! Like fans of the missionary, she is probably not too keen to put in a lot of physical effort. Unlike missionary women, she isn’t quite interested in maintaining eye contact!
This is a sex position in which two people align themselves so that each person’s mouth is near the other’s genitals, simultaneously performing oral sex. A woman who loves this sex position thinks outside the box and doesn’t believe in the conventional definition of what constitutes sex. She gives and receives at the same time. However, both partners must be scrupulous with personal hygiene!
A woman who prefers to have sex standing is a complex woman. She wants it all: the deep penetration of doggy style combined with the face-to-face aspect of missionary. She is probably best suited for a high-powered corporate position.
Here, the girl gets down on her front and the guy enters her from behind, just the way he’d do in rear entry or doggie style while standing. However, instead of letting the woman’s legs remain on the floor, the guy lifts her by the pelvis and the woman grips the man around the waist with her legs. This sex position is damn hard, not for everyone, and should only be tried by the experienced or the athletic. Like the guy holding her legs, the woman who loves this sex position is probably a gym rat. Bonus points if she walks on her hands throughout the act. Triple points if she is going up and down the stairs.
As far as she is concerned, you don’t exist!

Culled from Punch.org