Ali Baba leaves isolation centre, warns second wave of COVID-19 is deadly

Ebun Francis| One of Nigeria’s leading comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, aka Ali Baba, on Monday, warned Nigerians to take the second wave of the COVID-19 seriously as it is deadlier than the first.

Alibaba who gave the warning while narrating his Covid battle, urged people to protect themselves by obeying all COVID-19 protocols.

In a video posted on his verified Instagram page, the highly talented comedian said he spent last year’s Christmas at an undisclosed isolation centre.

Ali Baba said, “2020 was a tough year but we have made it through and God has kept us alive. Covid is real and my sympathies go to those who have lost loved ones.

“Please, be aware the next wave of Covid, the new strain that is around now is deadlier than the one that came before because it mutated.

“The people that are going about, carrying on like they don’t have Covid, they are asymptomatic and they will spread it to you. You may not have the immunity that some people have and as such, you may not be seeing it that this thing is killing.

“Let me tell you, people are dying every day. Those numbers you see are not fake.

“I spent all my Christmas in isolation. Covid is real. I was in Room 4 and I can tell you that from Room 1 to 5, the number of people that were taken out because they died. I have spoken with people who attended parties and two days later died. This Covid is real.

“If the G.O. (General Overseer) is wearing a mask and he is telling people to be careful, are you more prayerful than the G.O.? Anybody that tells you Covid is a scam, don’t listen to the person. Covid is killing and people are dying, you need to be careful and protect yourself.”

Nigeria is experiencing a second wave of the highly contagious coronavirus which has infected over 90,000 people according to figures released by the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control, NCDC.

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