Video: Another COZA member accuses Biodun Fatoyinbo of rape

The senior pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Bioudun Fatoyinbo is once again in the news for the wrong reason as another church member and a former staff has accused him of rape.

The lady, who remains anonymous for now, also alleged that Fatoyinbo reached out to her shortly after Timi Dakolo (whose wife Busola later accused him of raping her when she was 16) made an Instagram post of an Abuja pastor who sexually assaulted teenage girls in an attempt to stop her from going public.

According to her, “he knew something was coming and was trying to tie up loose ends”.

The lady who spoke with Chude Jideonwo of YNaija, alleged that Fatoyinbo raped her outside Nigeria where he worked for the church and his family.

She said, “I was living in one of the cities where the church was located. He was my boss, I did church and personal errands for them. It wasn’t like it was the first time that I was going to be at their house or go do something for them.”

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“He asked me to meet him at the house. It was a Thursday morning. It was supposed to be usual instruction. At this time, he was someone who I considered not just to be a mentor but a father figure. I was comfortable because I know that house…”

“Everything moved quickly from there and then he started trying to pull me to a hug and of course trying to kiss me which I found shocking,” she said.

“All I can remember saying is that ‘you can’t do that, you have to stop’. I had a navy blue high waist jean trouser on and he started to take that off.

“He flipped from the sweet amazing person who was my mentor to someone I could barely recognise and then switched back to someone who cared about how I was feeling.

“For the first time, I saw a completely different person from who we knew or who I thought I knew…”

“With him, what you see is not what you get. He tries to appear as someone who not just understands the word but does the word but the person I met that day was completely different,” she said.

The lady further stated that Fatoyinbo apologised after raping her and that she kept working forhim and the church.

She also accused Fatoyinbo’s wife, Modele, of being in the know about her husband’s action given the effort she made to bring her close to the family.

“She would have someone call me to the house to maybe do something for her and then it moved from that to me helping then tack care of their son, Ephraim, the last one…until she made me an offer to go to some other country where they (the kids) were going to be schooling at. They don’t give anyone access to their kids,” she said.

“I have had a lot of personal encounter with them both enough to know that, I don’t think she is unaware. I am willing to bet money on the fact that she is not unaware. I don’t think it was a coincidence that she was the one who pulled me in. She is the one who made that happen. I think that there is a pattern there.

“I became a member of the church in 2009. I was a member of the music group, Avalanche and moved out of Nigeria when the church offered her a job in another country.”

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