Church of England approves blessing of gay marriages

The Church of England General Synod has approved the proposals to offer blessings to same-sex couples in civil partnerships and marriage.

A marathon debate across two days ended in a vote for the motion at the church’s parliament meeting on Thursday.

Approval of the motion allows same-sex couples, after a legal marriage ceremony, to go to Anglican churches for services, including prayers of dedication, thanksgiving, and God’s blessing.

Priests will have the option to bless gay couples but can opt out.

The Bishop of London, Dame Sarah Mullally, had brought the motion as a result of six years of work on questions of identity, relationships, sexuality, and marriage known as Living In Love And Faith.

The motion did not seek to change the position on gay marriage. Same-sex couples are still unable to marry in church. A minute of silence was observed before the vote, followed by a prayer said by the Archbishop of Canterbury.


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