#EndSARS: Environment of Opportunity

By Kingsley Omose

The violence and the impact, the emphasis of the thrust from the #EndSARS, and #Covid19PalliativesRedistribution is not the thing the government and other concerned Nigerians should focus on.

The reason why the emphasis from the #EndSARS protests and #Covid19PalliativesRedistribution was so strong and so emphatic and so devastating, is because of the nature of the opportunities and understanding that is being offered.

The structure and the assault of the #EndSARS protests #Covid19PalliativesRedistribution is in direct proportion to the value of what is being offered to build systems and structures to apply the otherness principle, loving others just as you love yourself.

You get an insight into the capacity, the value of what is being offered in opportunity terms by looking at the devastating impact of the #EndSARS protests and the #Covid19PalliativesRedistribution Initiative.

EndSARS protests and #Covid19PalliativesRedistribution brought into global limelight the true Impact of excruciating poverty on the general Nigerian populace, and the Nero spirit is one that is concerned with relatively trivial matters while ignoring the serious or disastrous events going on around one.

Sharp conflicts such as #EndSARS protests have always indicated transformation points to the consciousness of the world and provided pivots (a point of articulation, revealing or making distinct; giving clarity), a point at which things balance.

Things change after the world is traumatised or the world has sharp military conflict or collision of the human will (#EndSARS and #Covid19 Palliatives Redistribution) occur in the earth, and have always provided pivot points or transformation points to the world’s consciousness.

We look at these events, #EndSARS and #Covid19 Palliatives Redistribution, look at the terrible accompanying things that took place, but behind that we recognise the fact that things are shifting to new positions.

Kingsley Omose, a Public Policy Analyst contributed this article from Lagos

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