Ibom Super Highway: Navigating the creeks to the Model Sea Port.

Tony Okoh|

Ibom Super Highway, a 55.1km road with 3 Spurs and 4 Bridges traverse six Local Government Areas including  Eket, Esit Eket, Ibeno, Mbo, Udung Uko and Oron in Akwa Ibom State of  Nigeria.

The project is an ambitious drive by the Governor Udom Emmanuel’s led administration to underline its readiness for the proposed Ibom Deep Seaport and its industrialisation drive.

Breaking through the creeks is a challenging and curious combination of varying topography of quicksand, ponds, swamps and forest belts,

The Highway is making progress with reclamation and sand filling currently ongoing at the site.

A section of the road under construction

The current administration in Akwa Ibom State led by Governor Udom Emmanuel is embarking on a project that may seem over ambitious but the capacity that the government has demonstrated and with the drive  the Ministry of Works under the supervision of Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen  have shown it is only a matter of time for the project to be realised and completed.

With the level of work currently ongoing on a daily basis, we are left with the only option of taking delivery of this gigantic project at the stipulated time.

Leading a team from the Ministry of Works for an on the spot assessment of the level of work ongoing, the Commissioner for Works Mr. Ephraim Inyangeyen saw for himself that the contractor is working daily and making significant progress.

 The Ibom Super highway is constructed on a terrain largely swampy because of the riverine nature of the LGAs it traverses and also the road is leading to a seaport.

Works Commissioner, Inyang-eyen, on inspection tour of the road under construction

With the magnitude of work required to be done to see the road come to fruition, one may be left to doubt if this will be, but a confident Commissioner of Works told Newsmen that roads can be constructed on any terrain and as such the Ibom super highway will be delivered on time.

It is this same belief that delivered the  6.4km Nto Edino- Ekwerre Azu road with two span 45m bridge in Obot Akara LGA by Seyang Construction Limited one of the indigenous construction companies the administration has put faith in to get work done in the state.

 The Governor on getting to that spot of the road in Obot Akara had thought twice if anything could be done to solve the terrible situation they had found the road. Today that road is a history with 2 bridges already standing. The same story played out in the construction of  14.1KM Ikpe Ikot Nkon –Obotme-Arochukwu road in Ini Local Government Area by Peculiar Consult. It is the same story in several other road projects across Akwa Ibom State. So why won’t there be the believe that the 55.1km Ibom Super highway will be a reality? It is the answer that has stretched across many parts of this State and the answer that has been told by every progressive minded person who appreciates development and accepts that there has been a significant statement made on infrastructural development by this administration.

Ibom Super highway when completed will make a very resounding statement that the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel meant it when it said it wants to industrialized the state. If any factor will see to the realisation of this vision it is the focus and tenacity that the Governor has shown.

And the man who goes about to interpret this vision. Mr. Ephraim Inyangeyen has clearly demonstrated that he is a man who has come to work and will go out to ensure his principal succeeds.

Another section of the road 

It is not a painless experience trekking kilometres of roads across the state in the course of carrying out project inspections and Mr. Ephraim Inyangeyen himself will lead the walk like it is no big deal just to ensure that every tiny detail has been taken care of. On one of the inspection of the 55.1km Ibom Super highway the Managing Director of Eminence Oil and Gas Limited  Mr. Emmanuel Okon who  had accompanied Mr. Inyangeyen asked him severally ” Is this how you walk whenever you leave your office and they say you went for inspection? ” and he replied that ” today’s own is not much so I’m sure you  will join us next time to really experience inspection”. The Works Commissioner on that same day walked another distance in Udung Uko LGA at the initial 9km Secretariat Road Uliong Edikor Uduetta Road  with Spur that has now been extended to 12km and could further be extended to emphasize the administration’s resolve not to construct roads that terminate at no where. A stance that has seen Akwa state government construct roads into neighbouring states. Mr. Okon told him, ” Honourable commissioner  I will never follow you again to this your inspection if this is how you walk all this distance “. All laughed but such has been the case since the man came on board the Ministry of Works Akwa Ibom State. A clear testimony to the commitment level in the Ministry of works where even the Permanent Secretary and  Engineers have been caught in the bud.

Yet another section of the road under construction

Ibom Super highway like other road projects that were initiated by the current administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel and completed will also be completed and a stronger message will go out to the world that a state in Nigeria Akwa Ibom has taken her destiny in her own hands and is ready for any magnitude of Foreign Direct Investment. Akwa Ibom state is a work in progress and the current administration is sincere with development.