Lycka Media unveils Skits series, Yellow and Black Lagos

Lycka Media Limited a 21st-century audio-visual and multimedia production outfit with experience in Film, Television, and Documentaries vi has announced the birth of a Skits/Comedy series, entitled Yellow and Black Lagos.

The drama/ comedy skit series follow the adventure of a middle-aged commercial driver in his daily struggles to strike a life-work balance in Lagos.

According to the Creator Mr. Olumuyiwa Ojo, who is the Producer and CEO of Lycka Media the new skit “is a 5-minute Comedy and Drama targeted at a nucleus of people aged 18-65 years and it has a spillover audience of people below and above this target”

” It is structured around corridors of cultural expressions of Drama
Advocacy, Comedy, Music and Language”

The 5-Minutes Comedy and Drama series will run 3 times a week on all popular Online platforms

He stated further that the principal lead Character Koffi Idowu Nuel, the popular and renowned (Koffi Comedian), just as it has a roll call of great actors either as themselves or as Guest Actors.

The skits creatively mirror Lagos with its complex transportation challenges, as well as the daily drama and intrigues that ensued between the commercial drivers and the road users as well as their passengers.

The Skits is also projected to bring to the fore safe, reliable, and efficient transportation initiatives of Lagos State government, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport, and other strategic agencies.

It will showcase the enormous integrated Multi-modal transportation system which integrates Rail, water, and road modes as specified in the Lagos Strategic Transport Master Plan.

The driving force behind Skits/Short Video series is to creatively showcase emerging face of the transport system and its impact on Smart City initiatives that has capacity to impact 22 million people, who depend on one form or the other forms of safe and efficient transportation to carry out their lawful business, Ojo further submitted.

”The core purpose of this Skits/Short Video series is to educate, inform, entertain, and showcase Lagos state government and its agency’s giant strides; maintenance of all road infrastructure, establishment of intelligent transport initiatives to intensify the transport network in various efforts to reduce traffic congestion through resolving of key gridlock point across the state, to standardise the system”, Mr. Ojo said.

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