Nigeria Army goes spiritual, declares that ”terrorism will wither and die…”

The battle against insurgency was taken to the spiritual realm on Monday by the military as the chief of army staff declared that, ”terrorism will wither and die if the ideology is killed”.

Mohammed Yusuf, chief of administration, who represented the chief of army staff made the declaration at a seminar themed: “Countering Insurgency and Violent Extremism in Nigeria through Spiritual Warfare”, was organised by the army’s directorate of chaplain services Roman Catholic, Protestant and directorate of Islamic affairs.

The army boss also noted that the need to defeat the ideologies of the insurgents was fueled by the fact that it drives their recruitment of new members.

He said, “By its nature, ideologies have the power to manipulate what people think, inform their opinion and direct their attitude. It is a well known fact that terrorism and terrorist groups will not be totally eliminated by mainly military actions.”

“This means focusing our effort on the under laying narratives through ideologies that are employed by these terrorist groups to lure innocent citizens into their fold.

“Communities and the states need to be joined with the common purpose of rejecting the ideology of this group and those who exposed them. This can be better achieved through the provision of appropriate counter narratives targeted at the ideology of the terrorist group.”

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