Saint Nicholas Hospital, Lagos, suspends services over exposure to COVID-19

Ebun Francis| Saint Nicholas Hospital on Monday announced the suspension of services at its Lagos Island branch for two weeks following exposure of the facility to COVID-19.

In a statement, Ebun Bamgboye, the hospital’s clinical director, who did not disclose the details of exposure of the hospital, however, said the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) had been contacted on the matter.

The statement read, “This is to inform you about of the suspension of our services in St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Island branch for a period of 2 weeks.”

“This decision is as a result of exposure to COVID -19. We have contacted the NCDC and as at 18th of April 2020, our facility had been decontaminated by the Lagos state government.

“The safety of all our staff and patients is of paramount importance to us. As such, we are complying with the directive of the HEFAMAA to suspend our services for 2 weeks (Saturday 18th April 2020 — Saturday 2′ May 2020)

“We understand the critical needs of our patients, hence we have introduced our telemedicine services where patients can consult our doctors via video and audio channels by calling.”

There are reports that some health workers in the hospital, one of biggest private hospitals in the country, contracted the disease from a patient.

Vedic Lifecare hospital Lekki asks visitors in the last 10 days to self-isolate

Also on Monday, another hospital, Vedic Life Care, Lekki has asked all those who visited the facility in the last 10 days to go on self-isolation.

In a statement made available to the public, the hospital said, it admitted a patient who tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the statement, a patient tested positive after he was discharged, but two of the hospital staff had contracted the disease.

Te statement read in part, “We also had 2 staff members who tested positive yesterday evening. The patient and our staff are now being managed by the NCDC at their isolation centre.”

“This moment they do not show any symptoms. All staff members have been maintaining mandatory PPE gear since the last 25 days. The facility is currently closed off for decontamination of the building. The fumigation was already carried out by NCDC on 18th April.

“We are currently testing the remaining staff members and will continue to update everyone on all platforms.

“If you have visited the hospital in the last 10 days, we request you to get tested and stay isolated.”

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