Sanusi calls compulsory drug test for governors, senators, emirs, others

Chidi Samuel || The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, the Emir of Kano on Monday canvassed for laws that will compel every politician and public office holders to undergo a compulsory drug test as the illegal use of drugs is endangering Nigeria and has to be on the forefront of National discussion.

According to him, every public officer should undergo a drug test before accessing any public office.

Sanusi stated this in Kano while delivering his speech at the Senate Roundtable titled ‘Drug Use Crisis in Nigeria’.

He said, ” When we begin to set example, the younger ones will understand that if they engage in drug abuse, they will certainly limit their opportunities of becoming leaders”.

”The police, army and other paramilitary officers and men should not be drug addicts”.

The Emir also condemned the inability of government to implement existing laws stating that “If we are not implementing the laws we have in the books, what assurance we have that new laws will be obeyed.”

Sanusi said, “In the North, in particular, an entire generation is being destroyed because of drug abuse. Like I always say, if you don’t want to hear the truth don’t invite me, political establishment is a fundamental problem.”

“Every emir, every politician, every Senator should go through drug test, before attaining any office in the Country they must be subjected to taking a drug test. I will be very happy to subject myself to a drug test.”

“We deceive ourselves if we say we are not part of the problem. 90% of issues that we have is lack of political will”
“The trade in drugs is a protected trade, who are those involved in this, somebody saw them, somebody was bribed. How many rehabilitation center do we have, how well equipped are they, how many human capacity development do we have?

“Honest feedback is not a personal attack, we are not perfect, i pray our politicians understand this, i wish everyone a successful deliberation.” He said.