DSS foils attempt by Boko Haram to attack US, UK embassies

The Department of State Services (DSS) has revealed a plot by Boko Haram to bomb the United States and United Kingdom embassies in Abuja, according to Tony Opuiyo, spokesman of the organisation.

Opuiyo said that five suspected terrorists, identified Isa Jibril, Jibril Jibril, Abu Omale Jibril, Halidu Sule, and Amhodu Salifu, and based in Benue and Abuja have been arrested in connection with the plot.

The suspects are believed to be working in concert with ISIS.

“Between 25th and 26th March, 2017, the service busted a ring of ISIS linked Boko Haram members based in Benue state and the FCT,” Opuiyo said.

“The group had perfected plans to attack the UK and American Embassies and other western interests in Abuja. During the operation to thwart this plan, five key suspects, namely; Isa Jibril, Jibril Jibril, Abu Omale Jibril, Halidu Sule and Amhodu Salifu.”

“Earlier, on 22nd March, 2017, at Fika, Yobe State, a 20 year old Boko Haram member, Adamu Datti was arrested. He confessed his involvement in executing the sinister activities of the group.

“In the month of April, two (2) suspected Ansaru kingpins, Ahmed Momoh and Al-amin Mohammed Jamin were arrested on 4th April, 2017 at Igarra, Akoko Edo LGA, Edo State. The duo were confirmed associates of Abu Uwais, a main Ansaru kingpin terrorizing residents in Kogi and Edo States

“While these terrorists are already undergoing detailed investigations, the Service stepped up its efforts at stamping out the menace of kidnapping.

“In Rivers State for instance, Daniel Dibiamaka was arrested on 24th March, 2017 at Obio/Akpor LGA, for his complicity in the kidnap of one Emmanuel Orji Ukah on 20th January, 2017. On that same day, Godsgift Isioma was arrested over his plan to kidnap one Dr. G.N Douglas.”

Boko Haram kingpin surrenders

A key figure in the Boko Haram terrorist organisation has surrendered to 145 Task Force Battalion, 5 Brigade troops at Damasak, the Nigerian Army has announced.

The terrorist, identified as Bulama Kailani Mohammed Metele, was a member of the Mamman Nur’s faction of the Boko Haram group under leadership of Abu Mustapha.

Brigadier-General Sani Usman, spokesman for the Nigerian Army, made this disclosure via a statement on Saturday and said that Metele is “currently undergoing further interrogation” following his surrender.

He said that Metele was of serial number 254 on the Nigerian Army’s wanted Boko Haram terrorist’s poster recently produced.

In a related development, two additional members of Boko Haram were captured by troops of 158 Task Force Battalion of 5 Brigade while they were carrying out surveillance on Kareto and Dangalti villages.

Prior investigations revealed that the captured terrorists were preparing for a reconnaissance mission to facilitate an attack on the communities.

Costs of War: Nigeria spent $2.6bn in 2016 to fight Boko Haram – Olonisakin

Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Olonisakin has announced that Nigeria spent more than $2.6 billion in curbing the humanitarian effects of Boko Haram insurgency.

Gen. Olonisakin made this statement in Washington D.C during the meeting of the ‘Global Coalition Working to Defeat ISIS’.

“After  over $2.6 billion  was spent by the Nigerian Government to address humanitarian needs in 2016 – more needs were seen when areas were recovered from Boko Haram.

“Many in this room joined us in Oslo, Norway just last February to show support with Nigeria.

“Coalition is fundamental. We, therefore, commend Secretary Rex Tillerson and President Donald Trump for remaining committed to fighting the global enemy of us all – terrorism,” Olonisakin said.

Olonisakin told the coalition at the meeting that Nigeria’s battle to eliminate Boko Haram is comparable to Iraq’s war with ISIS.

“This meeting, therefore, will further strengthen our collective resolve and determination to destroy and defeat ISIS.

“To this end, Nigeria is prepared to work with the coalition in the pursuit of the first lines of efforts towards the realisation of the aims of the global coalition,” Olonisakin said.

“Let me also add that this meeting is of great importance to Nigeria.

“This is because, Nigeria’s effort to defeat the Boko Haram terrorists is viewed as part of wider efforts to combat violent extremism globally especially, the defeat of ISIS.

“Nigeria is open and willing to adopt strategies from the coalition that could further enhance its success story,” Olonisakin said.

Rex Tillerson, the United States Secretary of State, noted that the attendance of all stakeholders in fighting global terrorism is a signal of strength.

“When the forces of ISIS tune into their TVs and their computer monitors, they will see the strength of a combined 68 nations and organisations.

“Together, we share a resolve to deal ISIS a lasting defeat. Our coalition is united in stopping ISIS resurgence, halting its global ambitions and discrediting its ideological narrative.

“And we’re ready to grow stronger and stay aggressive in this battle.

“President Trump, in his recent address to the joint session of Congress, made clear that it is the policy of the United States to demolish and destroy this barbaric terrorist organisation”.

[VIDEO] Shekau attacks Buhari, others in new video; claims Caliphate “running smoothly”

Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram Leader, has appeared in a new video, threatening world leaders and restating the terrorist organization’s goal of establishing an Islamic Caliphate in Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, and Mali.

Shekau also refuted claims that the Joint Task Force in Cameroon had killed its members.

In the 27-minute long video released by Shekau, in which he spoke in Hausa and Kanuri, he said that his caliphate was “running smoothly”, adding that Boko Haram was responsible for the suicide bombings in Northeast Nigeria, including an attack in Maiduguri last Wednesday that killed six persons including four suicide bombers.

Shekau, in December 2016, denied claims that the Nigerian military had flushed its members out from the Sambisa forest in Borno State.

shekau new video

Video Translation:

Let me speak briefly in Hausa language, Allah’s help towards us made us to continue fighting, our brothers  too fought along Cameroon-Nigerian border. But you kept lying to the people that you have killed 60 of our people, that you succeded in arresting 20 of our men. That you even rescued 5000 of your people.

Why all these lies? Paul Biya why are you lying is this how to convince your masters the whitemen who are pigs and children of monkies.

Lies! Lies every day,  you better be careful Paul Biya because you are not fighting Shekau but God. It would have been easy for you to fight Shekau not God. This thing is beyond your imagination even though you underrated our strength you can not joke with the  holy Quran, prophet’s hadith and the religion of Allah. No! No! No!

Buhari I’m  very much sure that you have learn your lessons by now. You have really learn your lessons  but you can still continue if you like. Just remember that nobody has ever done bad and get  away with it.

By Allah all your deception and lies to Nigerians that you are doing them good will not help you.  Following the steps of America, Britain  or practicing democracy and educating children with Western education will equally not do you good.

I rather not wish you bad but let me urge you to seek Allah’s forgiveness and repentance. Accept the real teaching of the Islam by not only depending on fasting, salat, zakkat (charity) and Hajj (pilgrimage).

It’s not my saying because religion is ideology which is based on practicing the Quran and its laws. I better not make too much talk. Niger Republic President Muhammadu Yusufu you are a liar. You can’t dare my students and if I rise against you it will be difficult for you to face me.

Just remember that as long as we are Muslims and we practice the injunction of the Holy Quran we will be powerful. This is not something you can play with.  Stop saying Boko Haram people are jobless because your propaganda will not help you in the presence of Allah.

This is my warning to you all. By the way, this message was meant for my brothers in Islam  to remind them to remain resilient and dedicated towards the struggle. I assured them that the struggle is not shaken or weakened in anyway.

All the explosions in Maiduguri are carried out by us and we will continue to detonate bombs. In fact, you will never have rest of mind until you accept the holy Quran.

Video transcript obtained from saharareporters.com