UPDATED: Victorious Army Ministries founder, Joseph Agboli is dead

By our reporter/ The general overseer of Victorious Army Ministries, Rev Joseph Agboli has reportedly died in a London hospital.

According to a source in the ministry, the founder and shepherd of the pentecostal church was reportedly diagnosed with a heart related ailment and was flown to London on Sunday where died.

The Church has not confirmed the news of the death of its leader as phone calls to the church was was not answered as at the time of filing this report.

In an interview with Encomium magazine last year, Rev Agboli recounted how he started the Victorious Army Ministry.

He said, The church actually started in my house with just about 70 people unannounced. When the Lord called me and declared I should raise an army, I didn’t even fast. I didn’t go to any mountain. But I said to the Lord, if actually you are sending me to raise an army and to build for you an enviable church that has no spot or wrinkles, He should do it His way. Amazingly, one Sunday, I was still lying down on the bed, I refused to pray about it, yet 70 people came for church service that day. My wife was like asking them their mission. And they said they came to worship. We asked who told you about the church, some said they did not know, others said they felt the prompting in their heart. Some of them said the Lord spoke to them that there is church service going on here. And these were virtually new people that we have never met before. I didn’t even discuss it with my wife. And she ran to the room and said, Pastor, dress up, church service must hold in this house today. I was thinking she was joking, but suddenly I heard a song, ‘Praising the Lord always.’ I quickly rushed to the bathroom, dressed up and joined them. And interestingly, I used my dining table as my first podium (laughs) to preach that very day and before we knew it, the church has increased tremendously.

Agboli, 53, started VAM in 1995. The church has branches in Southern States, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

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The worship centre and international headquarters on Acme Road in Ogba, Lagos was developed in 1998.

The deceased was married to Pastor Blessing, an author and speaker.

They have five children.


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