Video: Nigeria emigrants most skilled, educated in America with huge spending power – Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN GPS on Sunday quoting various studies in the US described Nigerian emigrants as one of the most educated and skilled workers in the US.

Zakaria who was responding to Trump’s administration’s recent decision to include Nigeria on the list of countries banned from seeking permanent residency in America, noted that if indeed Trump was looking for skilled, highly educated emigrants, Nigeria should be the place to go.

Citing studies from various American institutions, Zakaria said Nigerian emigrants are the most educated as 59% of them holds a Bachelors’s degree, compared to 33% of American’s, 59% for S Korea, 51% for China, 50% for UK and 38% for Germany.

He also said that studies equally revealed that Nigerian emigrants are the most skilled with 54% of them working in management, business, science, and arts compared to 39% of US citizens in the same field.

According to him, Nigerian emigrants possess significant purchasing power as they contributed $14 billion to the US economy in 2018 and paid $4 billon dollars in taxes.

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