#WengerOut banners are appearing in the most random places

An Arsenal fan with a 'Wenger Out' banner

It’s the biggest cliffhanger in football right now: will Arsene Wenger stay on as Arsenal boss or will he leave after more than 20 years in charge?

The Gunners’ season is following its usual path: way behind in the Premier League title race, humiliated and forced out of Europe, leaving only the FA Cup still to play for.

To make matters worse, this year it looks as though Arsenal will miss out on a Champions League qualification – Wenger’s benchmark for success – for the first time in two decades.

Now, with the Frenchman’s contract up for renewal, the fans are torn.

After another flat-lining season, is it time to say, “Thanks for the memories, Arsene”? Or should more respect be shown to one of the Premier League’s greatest ever managers, who turned Arsenal into one of the biggest clubs in Europe?

It’s a divisive issue and two rival camps have formed among supporters: #WengerOut and #WengerIn.

Fans across the world have been taking whatever opportunities they can to make their views known, with banners spotted in some very strange places.

WWE Raw, Orlando, USA

Anti-Trump protest – London, UK

Wrestlemania – Orlando, USA

On a plane in the sky over the West Midlands, UK

So while Wenger continues to keep his cards close to his chest regarding his future, who knows where we might next see a banner bearing his name…

Whatever happens, after more than 20 years of loyal service to Arsenal, it would be a shame if the final chapter of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal legacy was a game of placard-based tit-for-tat.

Source BBCSports.Com